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Gayle Vaatstra: Posted on 17 February 2016 16:28

Most of us have experienced some stress within their lives and many of us have to deal with the effects of it on an ongoing basis. Of course stress related health problems are rife in today's society. Hypnosis can be an effective tool in dealing with this destructive emotion.

There can be lots of causes: the reasons behind stress are completely unique to each individual and situation they may find themselves in. Often people find that they can manage astonishingly well with a stressful life until something tips the balance and they wind up breaking under the burden.

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How Hypnosis Can Help People Overcome Panic Attacks

Posted on 23 August, 2015 at 18:50 Comments comments (0)
Pains in the chest and shortness of breath are quite common with panic attacks, but are obviously quite distressing for most people, because they could be something more worrying & serious. There are many reasons why someone may have an anxiety attack.

Following medical studies it is now known that stress is one of the greatest factors that cause panic attacks, including being in a variety of circumstances that cause anxiety and panic. Regrettably, people can undergo anxiety attacks suddenly and also for no apparent reason. It is thought that a panic attack is brought on by the body’s own fight or flight response, where adrenaline is prompted, preparing the body to defend itself in a threatening situation.
Panic attacks cause avoidance behaviours which can limit the person's life. The fear of the panic attack happening again can create high levels of anxiousness. You may even find yourself avoiding going to certain places which you fear may trigger a panic attack, and many people become isolated because they are afraid to go out at all. Panic attacks can reduce confidence, create further panic, and depression can frequently set in due to this persistent worrying. Anxiety and Panic Attacks are not only very distressing for the individual; they can also have a bearing on those closest to them. 1 in 10 of us will undergo anxiety and panic attacks in our lifetime. Having a panic attack often naturally increases your belief that you may have another one soon, causing continuous feelings of fear.
Health care professionals can prescribe medication to assist with panic and stress; however this only helps with the signs and symptoms, not the cause. An hypnotic approach for panic attacks aims to eradicate entirely the underlying issues generating the individual’s panic and anxiety attacks. Hypnosis for panic disorder and anxiety can bring about favourable behavioural changes by improving the thought processes of the subconscious mind. Triggers for a panic disorder can be managed, and for many people removed altogether.
An hypnotic approach uses specialist techniques to teach the client new methods to relax, identify and remove triggers that may cause anxiety, resolve problems which cause anxiety attacks or stress, and aim to eradicate further panic attacks.
Hypnosis delivers good results for those who encounter anxiety and panic attacks and have found no solution in the medical world. Hypnotherapy is even more potent when combined with CBT which helps the mind to think clearly and calmly, alleviating feelings of fear and anxiety. Out of the shadow of constant worry and fear, people can gain the confidence to enjoy fulfilling lives without limitations. The subconscious is incredibly powerful and changes made at this level tend to be long lasting.

New Year, New YOU, New Beginnings

Posted on 27 December, 2014 at 13:06 Comments comments (0)

Christmas is over, New Year approaches quickly and for a large number of people this is a time of reflection, a time to consider how the coming New Year can be the point of making a fresh change in the way we live our lives.

Is it a matter of Health, Wealth , Happiness or all three that you may need to consider, in order to improve YOUR life ? Well, only you can decide that. After all it is your life, you know what you are happy with and what you're not happy with, you know how you would prefer things to be. So what are you waiting for ? Do something about it. Make it happen, whatever that may be. Take back control of your life and do it now !

The first thing to always remember is that you are in control of your own destiny. If you believe something can happen and you really, really want it to happen or change , then it really is within your power to make it happen. I am not saying whatever that is will be easy, but just acknowledge that you have control over what you choose to do, take responsibility for your actions.

Focus on the things you want to happen. Write them down in a list, in order of priority. This could be something, such as the following :

1. Lose weight
2. Stop Smoking / Stop Vaping
3. Find another job
4. Become healthier
5. Drink less alcohol 

Then against each one, set a date within the year to achieve each specific goal. Don't forget to be realistic with your time scales, there is nothing like setting yourself up to fail by using unrealistic timescales that are too quick and not viable or sustainable. So decide upon your ultimate achievement date, and write it down  next to your goal.

Now you need to plan each goal and how you are going to achieve it.  It wont just happen on its own, YOU have to take control. Write down the steps you need to be able to achieve each goal, add to that smaller - timescales to keep you on track, so you can achieve the main goal on time and on target. You now have  your plan for change !

Don't try and keep all this information just inside your head, make sure its all written down otherwise It can disappear so quickly.  Don't  lose sight of what you need to do, so putting it into writing makes it more realistic from the beginning. Use and read your plan sheet as a guide on a day to day basis, keep it close to you and look at it often. Check yourself against it. Am I putting a required action into practice ? Am I on track to achieve my ultimate goal, by my set date ? Am I still focussed ? Ask yourself all of these questions as you progress along your pathway of change. If you find yourself a bit off track, make a note of this and why you think this happened. Ask yourself what can you do to stop you going off track again, if a particular set of circumstances occurs again, write that down too. Eventually your changed new behaviour will become normal and natural to you, you wont even think about it consciously anymore, it will become second nature.  You will then be well on the way to achieving your ultimate goal.

When you have achieved your goals, acknowledge your achievements, be proud and happy with your success. This in turn will help you grow your confidence and your self belief. As your confidence and belief in yourself grows, build in your new life goals towards the life you want. 'YOU can achieve what ever YOU want to achieve in YOUR life.

 Hypnotherapy and other therapeutic techniques can be a very successful way to help you become more focussed and determined in your achievements and changes. If you want to make a difference to your Life or talk about how you can help yourself, then please do get in touch with Gayle Vaatstra via the contact request page. Happy New Year, Have a wonderful 2015. Author Gayle Vaatstra (C) 2014